My WordPress Saga

Food for thought

So, in 2010 or so my vegan food company was flopping (it happens to the best of us), but I didn’t want to give up on the food industry entirely.

So, I tried to trademark “Pagan Vegan” for products, etc. in Canada, but I didn’t use the appropriate SCC Code (standard industrial classification) and my $250 fee went out the window.

In addition, I launched the paganvegan wordpress blog, but never got to writing anything; I was in the midst of moving across the country—again. Then the email address I used to sign up disappeared, so I cannot retrieve the account or the password information (ARRRGHHHH!!!).

So here I am, with a similar domain, just with the word “site” added to it. If anyone at WordPress can help me retrieve the original it would be great. But, in the meantime, at least I know my only true competition is myself with a forgotten password and a defunct email account.

So, what can you expect from my posts?

Vegan food ideas and recipes, lifestyle features, environmental news and articles, the real science of food and consumer products, and so much more!

I am an environmental scientist (with a PhD and everything), a vegan (for over 20 years), a farmer (I grow about 70 different crops, organically, each year), and a pagan.

Magic (majick?) is, and always has been, that which science is yet to understand. There is no conflict here. Also, paganism is ultimately a respect for nature and how it works—which as an environmental scientist, seems to fit perfectly.

I may sometimes write about health, consumer products, growing food, cooking food, or conjuring up your dreams through all of the above. I want to share my knowledge of science, the environment and the unknown to help improve our lives and make our only planet a better place for all inhabitants.

Please stay tuned.

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