Spicy Turnip Fries!

I love turnips and find they are under-used and underestimated. Unfortunately, most of the turnips (also known as rutabagas) that you find in grocery stores these days are coated with wax, and this wax may contain casein—a dairy protein. Although this recipe suggests not peeling the turnips, if the waxed ones are all you can find, I suggest you peel them. The good news is, turnips are one of the easiest things to grow, require very little space, can handle a range of temperatures, and their tops are edible when young.


2 large turnips/rutabagas or 4 medium-sized organic non-waxed ones

¼ cup of tapioca starch (or corn starch [non-GMO or organic if you care])

¼ cup of whole wheat or brown rice flour

1 tbs. granulated garlic

1 ts. onion powder

1 ts. Hungarian paprika

½ ts. sea salt

¼ ts. ground black pepper

¼ ts. cayenne pepper (optional for a kick)

3 tbs. grape seed oil (or other high heating oil such as coconut or peanut)



  1. Cut turnips (unpeeled) into long strips about 1 cm x 1 cm in width
  2. Soak in a medium-sized bowl of fresh cold water for about 10 min.
  3. Pre-heat oven to 420°F (215°C)
  4. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl or sealable contained (starch and spices)
  5. Drain turnips well in a colander and add to dry ingredients
  6. Toss (or close and shake) until completely covered by dry ingredients
  7. Add oil to a baking sheet and cover uniformly
  8. Add coated turnips to baking sheet. Many ovens cook toward the outer edges first, so place the thicker fries towards the edges of the sheet and the thinner fries towards the middle for more even baking.
  9. Place filled baking sheet in preheated oven and cook for 15-20 min (until bottom is golden) and then flip all ‘fries’ evenly.
  10. Cook for another 10 min, then shake all fries around ensuring all sides have some oil, and bake another 5 min.
  11. Remove from oven, serve with a spatula or dump onto plate (there should not be any extra oil to drain) and enjoy!!!



Serves four as a side.

Eat alongside soups, sandwiches, burgers, sausages or on their own as a sinfully healthy snack.

Top with fresh ground pepper and sea salt, and serve with ketchup, bbq sauce, vegan ranch dip, lemon juice, or your favourite dipping sauce.



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