The Six Food Groups of an Animal-free Diet

When I became vegan, and even today, people sometimes said/say “how can you live on only two food groups” (being fruits and vegetables, and grains). However, anyone who eats a complete and balanced vegan (or animal-free) diet, knows that diversity is key to healthy eating.

This chart represents what I think makes a healthy animal-free diet. If you have any additions or comments on proportions, please share them. I didn’t use the term “plant-based” due to the ‘fungi and yeasts’, which are actually more closely related to animals than plants because they don’t make their own food—they need to eat!  That being said, they provide a source of B-vitamins and vitamin D that most plants cannot, and I think should actually make up a greater part of our diets (if only we could find them).

So eat well and eat diverse foods; and remember that unlike mainstream eaters, we have six food groups (not a measly four).



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