Pagan Vegan: The Science, Magic, and Art of Plant-Based Eating

Wild fiddleheads and wild leeks cooked on an open cauldron fire with a rose of vegan “butter”. This dish was heavenly. 

I have been meaning to write this blog for a long time…

My goal is to share some of the wonderful ways that a plant-based diet can be healthful, fun and magical. Of the recipes, that I have developed over the past 25 years, many are familiar, even common comfort foods.

Cuisine is the ultimate combination of my two loves: science and art.

I started cooking, painting and practicing magic at a very young age (maybe 6?). Even at that age I saw science and magic as two ways to overcome some of our negative actions towards nature and make our world a better place; and I have always loved to eat…. So, it really wasn’t a surprise when I stopped eating meat after learning (in grade 9 science class) that 90% of energy is lost with each step you move up in the food chain. With so many hungry and malnourished at home and abroad, how could I support a food system with the potential feed 10x as many people, but wasn’t?

Magic is simply what science is yet to understand. All things scientific were once considered magical; from the moon and the stars, to seeds and plant growth.

Food is something we all need, as science agrees, but even some of the ways our food affects us are yet to be understood by modern science—it’s still magic to us. Good or bad, we are what we eat.

But, as the title suggests, the PaganVeganSite isn’t just about food.

I was looking to write a book, but books seem to be going out of style. So, despite how I love actual physical books, and the amount of carbon they store (near permanently), my book has (for now) become this blog.

I will begin by sharing recipes, but will also include posts on ingredients, their history and magical and properties; as well as articles on health, the environment, and food; and veganism or paganism in general.

Paganism is essentially an ancient form of nature worship, and a plant-based diet fits well within the principles of respecting and working with nature.

Whatever your reason(s) for choosing plant-based foods—be it ethics, sustainability, health, economics, or spirituality; whether you choose to eat plant-based all the time or just sometimes; whether you are trying to change your eating habits for good, or for a day; or whether you are just interested in some new healthy recipes to add to your repetoire—this blog is for you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the science and magic of plant-based foods*.

*Disclaimer: You may want to get up and cook.

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