Faux Gras (vegan sunflower pâté)

This is a delicious, easy and raw recipe that will delight you and your guests (even the meat-eaters).

I started making this recipe years ago while living with my mother. Mum had always said she would be vegetarian if it were not for my sister and me. So, once I stopped eating meat and my sister moved out, my mother began her transition.

One of my mother’s original staple recipes was a chicken liver pâté, it was rich and garlicky, creamy in texture, and had a full well-rounded flavour. So, she and I set out to develop this animal-free alternative—over 20 years ago, and this recipe is eerily reminiscent of my mother’s liver version.

This delicious sunflower pâté can be used on: fresh baked bread (see post before this one), cracker appetizers (add a slice or sprig of something), cucumber slices (one of my favourite combinations), sandwiches, tofu steaks to make a vegan ‘Tournedos Rossini’ (see end of post), and more. Try it on salads, with chips, as flavouring paste….

Most of us ate meat at some time, and many of use liked it (the taste at least). Some of us may simply be trying to eat less meat, or to share how delicious traditional recipes can be when prepared without animal products. I have had a slogan since I was a teenager: “everything you can do I can do vegan, except lemon meringue pie”. I am also working on the pie and almost have it, but nothing worth sharing (yet). However, I feel that this ‘faux gras’ is certainly one of those things…

So, save a goose from getting fat, save a chicken from losing its liver, and grind up some sunflower seeds, veggies and herbs, to enjoy a rich and animal-free delight that hasn’t lost its bite!

Materials and methods


glass measuring cup (2 cup+ minimum) or deep medium sized bowl

Handwand blender


Regular blender


Rubber spatula (or wooden spoon)

Sharp knife

Cutting Board



1 cup raw unsalted sunflower seeds

1 med-small-sized carrot–coarsely chopped*

1 small onion (or half a medium onion)–coarsely chopped*

2-3 cloves of raw garlic (peeled)–cut in at least half

½ cup of fresh parsley–broken up a bit and a few sprigs left over for garnish

2 tbs. tamari and/or brewed soy sauce

1 tbs. olive oil

1 tbs. (heaping) de-bittered brewer’s yeast

½ ts. ground black pepper

optional: ¼ cup of dry white wine


Fresh cold water, enough to almost cover the seeds, but not the rest of the ingredients*.

*photo should help (I hope)



Add all ingredients (other than water) to the cup, bowl or blender, in the order above, with seeds at the bottom.

Add water to nearly cover the seeds, some space should be taken up by tamari, oil, and wine (if using).

Blend until nearly smooth (you don’t want chunks of carrot, onions or garlic); however, I personally like a few halved sunflower seeds and some obvious parsley leaves. I control this with a handwand, but I am not sure about a blender. You may want to save some seeds and parsley for the end and give them a few pulses only.

Pour/scrape the mixture into a bowl or serving dish of your choice. Cover with a bag or lid and let sit for 1 hour (at room temp) before serving. Stir well, garnish with remaining parsley and serve. Leave in a bowl and allow guests to apply to breads, crackers, and veggies; or spread and layer to make great appetizers (sorry for the lack of pictures, but I am always too busy to take photos by then).


Will store in a sealed container in the fridge for up to two weeks.

During this time, the ‘faux gras’ can also be used to make vegan Tournedos Rossini (as pictured, but without the crouton). A marinated garlic-drenched tofu steak, slowly pan-fried in a reduction of red-wine and morel mushrooms. Topped with faux gras and garnished with herbs, this vegan twist on a decadent French classic will satisfy even the most discerning of dinner guests. Coming soon to the PaganVeganSite….




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